Aristotle Roufanis (b. 1983 Athens, Greece) is a London-based art photographer whose work focuses on patterns, textures and human interactions defined by the condition of urban architecture. An active photographer since his early 20’s, Aristotle Roufanis is a self-taught artist, who has mastered his medium through several personal photographic projects. In 2016 he has participated in Scope Art Fair - Miami Beach and with a solo show in Fotofever - Paris; in the same year, his work exhibited at the Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts sold out before the show’s public opening. In 2017 he exhibited at Scope in Basel during Art Basel 2017 and he is scheduled to exhibit at the prestigious Zona Maco in Mexico City as well as other art events throughout the world. Aristotle Roufanis’ work is part of esteemed private collections in London, Paris, Milan, Miami, New York and Mexico City.
For sale enquiries please contact Maria Teresa Sacchi at mariateresa.sacchi@arteglobale.com
For press enquiries please contact Kiriakos Spirou at press@aristotle.photography
For all other enquiries or to say hello, contact Aristotle at mail@aristotle.photography

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