Aristotle Roufanis (b. 1983 Athens, Greece) is a London-based visual artist whose work focuses on patterns, textures and human interactions defined by the condition of urban life and architecture. 
An active photographer since his early 20’s, Aristotle Roufanis is a self-taught artist, who has mastered his medium through a series of rigorous photographic projects. Fascinated by how humans build the environments they live in, he has travelled the world extensively, creating images that combine meticulous digital editing with a very personal artistic vision. 
In 2016 he has participated in Scope Art Fair Miami Beach and in Fotofever Paris with a solo show; in the same year, his summer exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts sold out before opening to the public. In 2017, he showed new work at ZsONAMACO FOTO in Mexico City. Aristotle Roufanis’s work is part of the Patrons of the Royal Academy’s collections, as well as other private collections in London, Paris, Miami, New York and Mexico City. 
In September 2017, a photo from his “Alone Together” series has been shortlisted by MoMA assistant curator Katerina Stathopoulou for Life Framer’s Photography Award (Edition IV - OPEN CALL). In the same month, the “Alone Together” series has been selected by Behance curators for the Best of Behance online gallery. Aristotle Roufanis’s work has been featured on international art and culture websites, as well as printed publications around the world.
For sale enquiries please contact Maria Teresa Sacchi at mariateresa.sacchi@arteglobale.com
For press enquiries please contact Kiriakos Spirou at press@aristotle.photography
For all other enquiries or to say hello, contact Aristotle at mail@aristotle.photography

Selected Press
updated: 24 October 2017


British Journal of Photography (print), UK.
Issue 7865: Journeys. October 2017. Title: Aristotle Roufanis.


Life Framer edition IV – an OPEN CALL.


We and the Color (online), October 2017.
Title: Alone Together – Photographic Project by Aristotle Roufanis.

F-STOP (online), October 2017.
Title: Group Exhbition, Issue — Home.

TPI News (online), 27 September 2017.
Title: Sentirsi soli in una grande città.

KLIK (online), 27 September 2017.
Title: Μαζί και μόνοι: Ο Έλληνας φωτογράφος που καταγράφει τα φωτεινά σημεία ζωής στις σκοτεινές μεγαλουπόλεις.

Best of Behance (online), 23 September 2017.
Title: Alone Together.

Elculture (online), 21 September 2017.
Title: Η ΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΜΟΝΑΞΙΑ ΜΕΣΑ ΑΠΟ ΤΟ ΦΑΚΟ ΤΟΥ ΑΡΙΣΤΟΤΕΛΗ ΡΟΥΦΑΝΗ. «Όσο μεγαλύτερη είναι η πόλη, τόσο πιο μόνοι νιώθουμε».

Athens Voice (online), 17 September 2017.
Title: «Μόνοι Μαζί» στην ίδια πόλη.

PetaPixel (online), 16 September 2017.
Title: Alone Together: Photos That Show the Loneliness of Cities During Blue Hour.

Abduzeedo (online), 12 September 2017.
Title: Alone Together: Aristotle Roufanis' Photographic Portrayal of Global Cities.

Photogrist (online), 10 September 2017.
Title: Alone Together: The Loneliness of Large Metropoles by Aristotle Roufanis.

Design is Kinky (online), August 2017.
Title: Aristotle Roufanis.

Cheese! By Konbini (online), August 2017.
Title: Alone Together, la série photo qui nous plonge dans l’obscurité des grandes villes.

Konbini Mexico (online), August 2017.
TItle: 'Alone Together', la serie fotográfica que nos sumerge en la oscuridad de las grandes ciudades.

gooood (online), August 2017.
Title: Alone Together by Aristotle Roufanis.

OWDIN (online), 05 August 2017.
Title: Seuls ensemble par Aristotle Roufanis.

Plain Magazine (online), 04 August 2017.
Title: Alone Together by Aristotle Roufanis explores the loneliness of big cities.

Creative Review (online), 03 August 2017.
Title: Alone Together is a portrait of the loneliness endemic to busy city living.

Trendland (online), 02 August 2017.
Title: Alone Together by Aristotle Roufanis.

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